Cherry Bloooms (Sakura)【美國西雅圖都有櫻花?!】

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  23626 views       2021-04-15 05:17:57

想係樹蔭下做個位阿嬋唔只係係日本先做到,係西雅圖都做到! #櫻花樹下 #樹蔭下有一個阿嬋 由三月底開始已經遍地開花,熱門打卡位有以下景點: 1. The Quad at the University of Washington 2. Washington Park Arboretum 3. Seward Park and Lake Washington Boulevard, Seattle 4. Jefferson Park, Seattle 5. Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park 6. Point Defiance Park, Tacoma 7. Washington State Capitol Campus, Olympia 資料來源:7 places to see cherry blossoms and other blooms around Seattle - Elisa Murray 2021/3/16

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