Asian Grocery in Victoria

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Fairway Market is a local grocery chain founded by a Cantonese-speaking family few decades ago. It now has about 10 stores in the Greater Victoria area. The Quadra and Shelbourne locations are found to have more Chinese-friendly groceries.

And then there is Fisgard Market in Chinatown. The owner and family speaks Cantonese but some employees don’t. They have been supplying vegetables to local Chinese restaurants for decades.

Besides these two, one can also find bulk size Asian grocery items in the Real Canadian Wholesale Club in Esquimalt (still within Greater Victoria).

There’s a medium size grocery store across the general hospital called Helmcken Market. It’s been owned and operated by the same Cantonese speaking family since the 70’s. If you watched GiGi Wong’s cooking show, it’s been featured in one of them with Vancouver stuff. They have a FB page too but not sure about website.

There are also at least 2 Japanese grocery stores in Victoria. One is Fujiya on Shelbourne and the other is at the corner of Yates and Quadra.

Recently, I got a 10kg bag of Thai jasmine rice from Costco for $20. A 20-lb size of 阿姐靚米 can be found in Fairway for anywhere between $23 to $30. There are also rice from Taiwan and Japan as well as Korea.

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