Getting your driver's license in BC

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Back when I was a foreign student in Victoria decades ago, I could get a BC driver's license just like other residents here. This is something you should do ASAP after you have landed because having a driver's license is super beneficial. If you absolutely don't want to drive, consider getting a BC Service Card because you'll always be asked for a piece of government photo ID in many instances and these are the most common & recognized ones. (who would carry a passport with them all the time?)

Please see the web site link for the driving guide which you'll need to study before booking a knowledge test to get your learner's license. There are 2 locations in Victoria where you can get the booklet: one on Mckenzie Avenue and the other on Wharf Street.

Before you can get a learner's license, you'll need to book a knowledge test and pass it. I hope you can open the link to the web site and look through the links one by one to get familiar with the process. I believe it takes at least 2 years to finally get your class 5 (regular passenger car) license.

There are a few driving schools in Victoria. Vehicles from Wallace Driving and Drive Wise seems to be the ones I have noticed on the streets the most. There may be new ones I have not heard about because it's been over 10 years since I had to look for driving school for anyone.

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