NSW Hongkongers 新南威爾士州香港人

澳洲 - 新南威爾士州 - 悉尼 港人小聚 - 各地同香會或香港人組織
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NSWHongkongers 係一群現居澳洲新洲的香港人和澳洲公民,因看到動盪不安的香港而自發組成了這個獨立羣組。 NSW Hongkongers is an independent group of Australian citizens, residents and Hong Kong expats currently living in NSW, Australia. We formed this group after 9 June 2019 in response to the anti-extradition protests.

作為一個外展小組,我們的主要目標是與新州社區建立聯繫,通過各種和平活動與區內分享及宣傳香港民主運動資訊。 As an outreach group, our primary goal is to engage in the greater NSW community, while sharing information social and political issues from both Hong Kong and Australia.

我們誠懇地要求澳洲政府向港人提供政治援助,並請澳洲人民支持我們——與香港同行、與人權同行、與捍衛澳洲價值觀同行。我們藉此專頁,邀請你與我們,以及身在遠方的香港人同行,一起追求更美好和理想的自由民主世界。 We stand in defence of Australian values. We stand with Hong Kong. We stand with human rights. We ask you to stand with us and our fellow Hongkongers at home, as we pursue a better world together.

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