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美國 - 南加州 地膽推介 - PG18家長指引
  吸睛指數 1928

歡迎來到Usborne Books & More with TwpPlusOne。我是UBAM的童書顧問,這個群組是為那些喜愛和孩子一起閱讀而建立的。 英國書商Usborne是世界知名的出版商,在美國由上市公司Educational Development Corp旗下的Usborne Books & More (UBAM) 代理。而UBAM也代理非常著名的Kane Miller兒童書籍。 UBAM的童書為0到12歲的孩子而設計,上至天文地理世界歷史電腦程式編寫,下至各式各樣可觸摸有聲兒童繪本、活動圖書等。另外,還有很多適合在家上課教學的書籍。 我會不定期錄製與兒子一起讀書的短片,分享介紹圖書及推廣廣東話文化。我們有特別會員優惠和定期團購。如有任何疑問,歡迎查詢。 電子目錄和訂購書籍: 記得在Notification勾選 "All Post/所有帖子",這樣才不會錯過任何書籍介紹和優惠哦。

Welcome to Usborne Books & More with TwpPlusOne, I am the independent consultant for UBAM, this group for those who love to read with their children. In the US, Usborne Books & More (UBAM), a division of the publicly traded Educational Development Corp, represents Usborne Books & More, a world-renowned publisher of books from the UK. And UBAM also distributes the very famous Kane Miller children's books. UBAM's children's books are designed for ages 0 to 12 and range from astronomy, geography, world history, computer programming, to a variety of tactile children's picture books, activity books, and more. In addition, there are many other books that are suitable for home classroom instruction. From time to time, I will record video clips of reading with my son, sharing the books, and promoting Cantonese culture. We have special member discounts and regular group purchases. E-catalogue and book orders: If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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