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成立於 2021年底,香港商匯是一個獨立的國際組織,旨在透過提供商業服務、創業培育計劃、商業名冊、舉辦培訓及交流活動等,支援、推動和連結在英國和美國發展或進行貿易的香港企業家和公司; 同時促進和維護香港企業家在英國和美國的利益。

Hong Kong Business Hub, founded in 2021, is an independent international business organisation, committed to representing Hong Kong-related businesses of all sizes, and individuals who have a stake in developing trade in, with, or through the UK and USA.

We aim to support, accelerate, and connect Hong Kong entrepreneurs and businesses through our business services, incubation program, trainings, company profiling and networking opportunities; and at the same time promote and safeguard the interests of the Hong Kong entrepreneurial community in the UK and USA.

Our values 1 Creating bridges for synergy Through bridging stakeholders, financial resources and strategic partnerships, we create collaboration and synergy!

2 Sharing knowledge for growth We seek and share insights, ideas and innovations, and leverage off the knowledge and experience of each other to grow together!

3 Building community for change We have a shared goal of uniting and scaling Hong Kong business community overseas to deepen our social impact.

網址 https://www.hkbusinesshub.net/
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