Hong Kong Professional Network (HKPN)

美國 港人小聚 - 各地同香會或香港人組織
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Hong Kong Professional Network (HKPN) is a global professional networking community of shared values for Hongkongers (HKers) and persons who support freedom and democracy in Hong Kong.

As the first pro-democracy global yellow economic network, HKPN was started by pro-democracy HKers in the Washington DC area who saw the need for long term HKer communities in more areas of the US. The concept gradually evolved from a local group in DC to a larger network that serves to strengthen the community of HKers across the globe.

We strive to: 1. Connect the pro-democracy Hong Kong diaspora outside political settings. 2. Assist newly immigrated HKers to adapt to new countries. 3. Provide a platform to share or seek employment opportunities for students and professionals. 4. Strengthen the presence of pro-democracy HKers across the globe to serve as a voice for HKers.

HKPN also promotes professional and personal development through knowledge sharing activities. We hold workshops on topics such as the introduction of various industries, resume writing & interviewing skills, business software tutorial, and hobby exchange. All members are welcomed to participate.

While HKPN’s practical functions are non-political in nature, it was founded and is sustained by its participants’ shared values for freedom and democracy in Hong Kong. HKPN welcomes all individuals who are supportive of freedom and democracy in Hong Kong regardless of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status. HKPN is operated by volunteers and does not solicit donations or payment. HKPN is unaffiliated with any other groups unless explicitly stated.

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