Bike Lanes & Trails in Victoria

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If you have a job lined up but don't have a driver's license and a vehicle to go to work, biking to work is definitely an option besides riding the bus (well you can also walk to work if you live close enough). Victoria is generally not as cold as the rest of Canada so you'll find people biking and walking on the trails most of the year. There're bike lanes in downtown and other municipalities. Just make sure you wear a proper helmet and do the hand signals for turns. Make sure you can be seen with reflective wear to avoid accidents. There are parking area along the Galloping Goose trail. Some people who live away from downtown would drive to the closest parking area along the trail and bike to work downtown. City buses have bike racks in the front so one can do a bike/bus combination if needed. There’re bike parking in downtown area, some are even covered.

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