19 Tips: 慳錢大法 I

Canada - Ontario - Toronto DNLM Reco - Life Overseas
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By   CFSO家和

0:00 Intro 0:40 Price Adjustment 2:15 Price Match 4:37 Scanner Price Accuracy Code 6:08 Other Tips

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* 家和是加拿大註冊慈善機構,提供新移民,家庭,殘障及特殊需要服務。此系列短片志在為有需要移居加拿大的朋友提供有用資訊,但家和並不提供移民咨詢或移民顧問服務。 CFSO is a registered charity with funding from Immigration Canada. We do NOT provide immigration consultant services, nor do we make profits out of our services. We developed this series of educational tools on our volunteer hours to help HKers in need.

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